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Week Two Plan

So, I missed updating on Friday...the day got away from me:

Have kids they say!

No, those aren't my kids, but that's about how it felt here Friday. This week has gotten off to a great start though. I've made an appointment with another designer who also started her own business to pick her brain about what works and what doesn't work. I'm looking forward to having coffee in Belmont! I've also contacted 5 local businesses to see if they may need website and/or social media updating. My goal is for 5 each day this week, and I'll post on Thursday if I was able to reach my goal, as well as if any businesses were receptive to my inquiry.

I also opened an Etsy store to try and sell some of the projects I've previously created. Check it out here. I've got some unique maps already designed and can make new ones based on your neighborhood, state, or wherever. I can also create ambigrams (words that read the same upside down) which make interesting gifts. I'll be adding to the store periodically, so be sure to like, share and check back often!

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