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First Networking Meeting

So, I just got back from my first networking meeting as a small business owner. What an AMAZING time! There was food, beer, and the people at the event were just wonderful. We were in the lobby of the Wells Fargo branch in Mount Holly. As soon as I walked in to the bank I was greeted by one of the hosts, Moses, who promptly gave me some great advice on how to get the most bang for your buck at these events. He could tell I was still green in this type of environment, so I'm grateful he approached me!

Naturally I approached the bar first, to put my drink tickets to good use. I talked with the owners of the bar, which is portable. They were from close to where I grew up, and I could tell they had such a passion for their work. Looking around the room, that was the one thing that really was palpable; passion. These folks were just like me, passionate about what they were there representing and eager to meet new community members. I met some incredibly nice business owners, as well as the president of the Chamber which was hosting the event, and they couldn't have been more kind, both in terms of offering advice to a newbie and graciously taking my business cards.

I'm on a high right now, but I really feel like this business ownership is something I can do.

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